Emily is an advanced Vinyasa flow teacher working mainly out of her own yoga studio Mudra London up in Stoke Newington. Her classes consist of creative and intelligent sequencing, normally themed around a key focus of the body. Her knowledge of the anatomy guides the class and allows her to open her class to all levels, offering variations throughout.
Music in class…Always.
OM in class… most of the time depending on the theme of class, closing on the breath and stillness can sometimes be more powerful.

Favourite pose | Balasana childs pose – heaven on earth, releasing, lengthening and calming
1 piece of yoga advice | Make sure you enjoy, the practise is about finding the calm and the ease even in the hectic and the tough, stay happy and curious in your practise
Life mantra | Once you stop learning you stop living
Favourite place in London to yoga | Mudra Yoga London – its my haven when class is on or a sneaky pre class self practice, candles on and all snuggly
1 desert island food | Boringly so, Avocado…on toast with a layer of tahini possibly sprinkled with pistachios, ha ha I’m such and east London Yogi
1 song | Tough it changes so much, a remix of “can’t feel my face” I love the beat but also the title makes me giggle

Classes | The Life Centre Islington, Indaba Marylebone, Mudra Yoga London Stoke Newington, Frame Victoria / Kings Cross / Shoreditch

All London,


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