Andy’s classes are full of fun and energy that bounces off the walls! It’s contagious and she’s dreamy so it works perfectly.
Her flows are totally tailored by her own creative sequencing. They challenge you in many ways, some days they can be slow and super powerful and others they can be playful and energetic. Everyday is a different day so her they’re always changing. She welcomes all levels across all styles (unless classes are specifically stated as more challenging) and has a super playlist for each class.
No OM just lots of breathing – specifically releasing out of the mouth

Favourite pose | Prasarita padottanasana C makes me happy and open the back of my legs and shoulders. And handstands
1 piece of yoga advice | Enjoy yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously, find balance between strength and fun
Life mantra | Carpe diem
Favourite place in London to yoga | For outdoors practice My back garden, surrounded by trees and flowers. And Indaba
1 desert island food | Peanut butter and toast and bananas . I Live by them!
1 song | Clouds – Bat for Lashes such a beautiful song!

Classes | The Life Centre Notting Hill, Frame Shoreditch , Frame Victoria, Frame Kings Cross, The Refinery Clapton, More Yoga Old Street

South, East, North,

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